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Efficient Frontiers International (EFI) is a Client Focused services organisation, partnering with Financial Institutions to deliver Expertise and Capability and give clients confidence in a complex regulatory and business environment.

Our strategic capabilities cover three principle areas: Consultancy and Advisory, Operations and Technology and Data. This blend of abilities allows us to partner with clients through from insightful advice on emerging regulation, to detailed technical and operational implementation, either as a delivery partner or a managed service provider. Maintaining the regulatory traceability, rigour and client confidence throughout.

Our diverse experience has helped us identify critical success factors that all businesses need to focus on, this is what makes EFI a market leading partner.


Define Vision

We identify and collaborate on overall objectives and business strategy, incorporating all lines of business and functions.

All respective components of this strategy should effortlessly integrate with business objectives. We ensure the work we deliver sits in perfect harmony with every aspect of our clients operating model, such as technology, people, processes and performance measures.


Establish Scope

We establish scope by assessing our clients current strengths and business model maturity versus the strengths required in the underlying vision and strategy documents. This helps to understand gaps and end-to-end processes.


Manage Change

We involve key stakeholders early on as they continue to put laser-like focus on accountability. In our experience, C-level sponsorship plays a vital role in this area ensuring stakeholders understand objectives as well as success criteria and metrics.

After all, stakeholders have a vested interest in the success of the program. These, along with other messages, can easily be delivered by way of a well-executed and effective communications plan.


Capabilities Assessment

We understand whether the capabilities required to plan and deliver the program are present in-house or not. If not, then partners need to be brought in with the required skills and expertise.

We encourage our partners to take advantage of the full scope of options available through EFI, ensuring we are able to dedicate more resources and manpower toward each project.


Devise a Road Map

We deliver a well thought out roadmap along with a clear and transparent business case to help define and deliver the base strategy and clearly define the steps needed to get there.

A clearly devised roadmap also helps establish a proper framework through which we and you measure performance. This should ideally be linked to the overall stakeholder objectives. Additionally, the roadmap outlines areas of “quick wins”, which need to be communicated up and down the organisational ranks.

Finally, an effective and robust program management facility is put in place in order to manage the program. This is how benefits are tracked in real time and results communicated to the shared services team as well as the bulk of the organisation.

Let Efficient Frontiers be your partner – minimise operational risks while you get the highest expected returns.

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