The Case of the Disappearing Bank

July 17, 2019

In brief

  • For several years now, anti-financial crime (AFC) regulations have prohibited the operation of shell banks. A shell bank is a bank that has no physical presence in the jurisdiction where it is incorporated or licensed and no affiliation with a regulated financial group.
  • A trust does not have a “legal personality”. This means it cannot legally own assets. A trust can’t open its own bank account, execute contracts or become a shareholder in a company.
  • The TCSP acts as trustee for the Manolo Trust. Not a great deal of information is provided about how the trust came to be created.

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  • Sam Sheen
    Sam Sheen Financial Crime Adviser

Jail time looms for FATCA Responsible Officer

June 12, 2019

In brief

  • After witnessing the first ever successful US prosecution for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) non-compliance, banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) will be thinking ‘What next?’ and considering their own FATCA programmes.
  • Events last week only serve to confirm that FIs are under the microscope. Organisations and individuals will be taken to task for non-compliance or deliberate avoidance.
  • The high level of international collaboration between a large number of cross-border agencies (including the City of London police and the FCA) is of particular note. International cooperation and effort will seamlessly result in successful prosecutions.
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