To claim treaty rates of U.S. withholding tax on their income from U.S. assets your customers need to complete the appropriate IRS DocuTax form.

We have designed and built a secure cloud-based tool to capture the information required for the form. Removing the restrictions of a paper form, we have developed a simple and efficient way to collect the information required, each form section is coupled with appropriate and helpful guidance.

This can significantly reduce the time spent on accurately completing and processing the forms for you and your customers.

EFI’s DocuTax Tool - Simplifying your tax journey
Why use our tool?

Straightforward and efficient

Our solution helps increase efficiency, reduce costs and inaccuracies across multiple business areas, including operations, tax, compliance.

Designed by industry experts

Designed, supported and maintained by our leading industry experts, the tool facilitates a more effective way of collecting and validating tax information provided in IRS DocuTax forms.

Guided online completion

EFI’s DocuTax tool enables the guided online completion of the Inland Revenue’s DocuTax forms for customers of any organisation that allows clients to trade in U.S. assets.

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How DocuTax streamlined operations and increased data reliability for a QI

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