CRS – Common Reporting Slip-ups and Solutions



Join our upcoming webinar on 18th January (14:00 - 15:00 GMT) in conjunction with HMRC - gain insights from the tax authorities on what commonly goes wrong in terms of data and reporting with regard to AEOI, and hear from industry professionals on how to avoid those errors and issues with a mixture of technology and expertise. 

Effective compliance with the Automatic Exchange of Information requires an efficient two-pronged approach: 

  1.  Collection, validation and monitoring of customer data: and

  2. Extraction of the reportable data and reporting within regulatory timeframes, in accordance with the relevant reporting schema. 


Despite 2021 representing the 7th year of FATCA reporting and 5th year for CRS reporting, it’s clear from our industry discussions and with HMRC that many firms face challenges around both data quality and effective reporting solutions.  
At our EFI/Regnology webinar, we’re delighted that HMRC is presenting on the common reporting errors seen by the UK tax authority in 2021, how that impacts on foreign tax authorities and also reporting financial institutions.  
EFI and Regnology will be sharing their insights into best practice and solutions to these challenges harnessing the power of technology and experienced people. We will also include a regulatory update on IRS W Series forms with an opportunity for delegates to pose questions to each of our presenters. 


Meet the panellists


Remi Grossmann 

Remi joined Regnology in 2011 and is the Product Manager of the FiTAX reporting solution. He is an expert in operational tax and exchange of information. He supported FiTAX software implementation projects at financial institutions in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  


Natalie Dowling 

Natalie joined EFI at the beginning of 2021, bringing with her 8 years of front line Operational Tax experience from the world of retail wealth management.  She specialises in US QI and FATCA/CRS, and was part of the original design team for EFI’s DocuTax. 


Jayne Newton 

Jayne is an experienced Chartered Tax Adviser and has a wealth of experience working in both professional and financial services sectors. She specialises in operationalising anti-tax evasion measures and is a highly respected partner to firms in their discussions with HMRC, helping to find constructive and practical resolutions to tax compliance issues. She recognises that harnessing technology, regulatory knowledge and operational capability is a winning combination when implementing regulatory compliance regimes involving the collection, processing and reporting of data.