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Our core Consulting capability revolves around the experts who deliver this. We design and implement business change effectively, in line with our client’s strategic vision and goals. We encompass a fully holistic and tailored approach to each and every piece of work.

Our Propositions


Regulatory Response

Regulatory concerns are keeping global businesses on their toes and increasing the costs of compliance. We understand our clients need solutions designed to stay ahead of the curve to future-proof their businesses, from a compliance and regulatory standpoint.

Any number of factors can be responsible for driving change in regulatory programs. Our regulatory remediation and compliance service helps you across all dimensions of these programs by responding quickly to change, while delivering excellent value in a cost conscious environment.


Requirements Identification

Our consulting capabilities can help you better understand best regulatory and compliance practices, so that all requirements can be wholly identified, before a sustainable and cost-effective solution is implemented. We have secured regulatory expertise by building strong business relationships with our industry peers. We use this level of expertise to evaluate how effective your regulatory response is versus other top financial institutions in the industry.


Operating Model Design

We work closely with our clients as their advisory partner to fine-tune each approach according to every unique business need. Our extensive experience in operating model design includes multiple scenarios, including cost reduction and strategic realignment.

We assess organisational strengths and weaknesses, and then offer strategic solutions which are aligned with your priorities. Our consultancy and advisory team then develop the necessary capabilities to deliver a new operating model while mitigating risks.

A well-thought out operating model acts as a backbone on which businesses convert strategies into results. We help you identify issues in your operating model, and devise methods to identify the critical steps to be taken to better serve your business strategy.


Service Model Design

We understand that every business is structured differently to capitalise on their position in the industry. To succeed in a dynamic marketplace, global and local organisations seek newer, more efficient service models. This is where EFI will partner with your business to deliver.

We put the spotlight on effectiveness and efficiency as being the key driving factors. Our service encompasses a fully holistic approach to designing and implementing your service model to put you securely among the ranks of leading businesses in your industry.

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