Hosted KYC

  • Have you always had robust processes in place for your KYC data?
  • Are you confident that your periodic and event-driven KYC review processes are up to scratch?
  • Do you know what’s hidden within your legacy KYC data?
  • Could this mean you are facing unknown financial crime risks?

EFI’s Hosted KYC solution combines technology and data with a targeted review by our highly trained analysts. This will provide a clear understanding of the health of your data, helps you to assess any related risks and finally enables us to return your data fully updated.

Hosted KYC in practice

For one of our Hosted KYC clients, the challenge was to complete 155,000 manual customer reviews, with a particular focus on assessing red flags such as:

Identify and Verification (ID&V) concerns
Rapid money movement
Risky connections
Suspicious payment activity

Click here to read the full case study

How does Hosted KYC work?

Segregated data:

Sensitive client files that require remediation are segregated from your business-as-usual files and securely extracted to remove the burden from your know your customer team.

Cloud-based data storage:

Using enhanced IT governance, segmented data and permissions-based access, we provide end-to-end security for all client information

Data enrichment:

We hand-pick third-party vendors to enrich your client data to maximise operational efficiency

Dynamic risk model:

We co-operate closely with your team to create a collaborative risk model that best serves our goals.

Technology-based solution:

Using our cloud-based Propel platform, we use data analytics to process files with client-specific criteria.

Targeted analyst involvement:

EFI’s experienced and highly-trained subject matter specialists manually process datapoints where required: maximising efficiency without compromising on risk management.

EFI’s communication promise:

We create regular reports to keep our clients informed on our hosted KYC operations: communication is at the heart of how we work at EFI.

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