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Our operational support capability provides rapidly deployable on and off-site operational capacity, to support any number of complex and regulatory operational requirements.

This can be provided as a one-off remediation exercise in support of change delivery, or as part of a more strategy-based service model.

Our Propositions


(Know Your Customer) Remediation

KYC requires financial services companies to perform due diligence on their customers so that their identity can be verified properly and are monitored. This is necessary to understand and evaluate risk more effectively and to prevent money laundering, fraud, identity theft and terrorist financing.

Our compliance experts are ready to streamline the KYC process for you – they will conduct an in-depth analysis of your corporate structure, so that you can be confident that you have met your KYC obligations.



Both FATCA and CRS were introduced to increase transparency by providing tax authorities with greater access and insight into taxpayers’ financial account data.

FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)
is part of the United States fight against tax evasion. The rules and potential witholding tax laid out by FATCA can have a dramatic impact on financial services businesses; therefore, 100% compliance is of the utmost importance.

CRS (Common Reporting Standards)
requires financial service businesses to examine passive entities and trusts, in order to report their respective Controlling Persons.

We equip your business with the necessary skills to ensure complete compliance with tax regulations, and understand all the drivers and expectations. We will also help you create a holistic compliance risk control framework to ensure proper governance and control within your business.


Tax Reporting

We make use of industry leading technology which guarantees the highest calibre of financial reporting. Our certified accountants have full bookkeeping capabilities to fulfil all your tax filing and transactional requirements. We will help you manage the complex regulatory landscape to ensure that your financial services business is 100% compliant.



A financial services institution that is non-compliant with the European MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) regulation risks getting a fine of up to 5 million Euros or surrendering 10% global turnover.

Have your current “risk state” assessed and gain insights into the implications of non-compliance risks. The potential costs associated with mitigating such risks might run into the millions, if your financial services company is not compliant. Our early up-to-date methodologies and remediation systems ensure that your business is not at risk.


Client Outreach

Our operations consultancy professionals have a keen understanding of client on-boarding, compliance and KYC processes. Our proven client management experience helps you understand best client outreach practices, control metrics and procedures, which help you not only measure but improve client experience. We will also advise on strategic positioning that may be required to ensure better client retention and adoption of your unique product/services.


Data Cleansing

Your customers may be undergoing a number of changes in their personal and professional lives, which may lead to “data decay” within your database systems. Regular and consistent data cleansing should be a topmost priority for any business looking to improve customer service and implement a robust business strategy.

Our data cleansing experts help you with a standardised address structure to correct invalid addresses and post codes, validate prospects in your database, verify email addresses, add accurate telephone numbers and much more.

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