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Sanctions Hub


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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, governments around the globe have placed financial sanctions on Russian interests to reduce their military and economic power.

Welcome to our Sanctions Hub, where we will provide regular updates on the implementation of sanctions and the status of all relevant measures against the Russian government and its assets. 

May 13th

OFSI and HMT have added 12 new entries to the Russia consolidated sanctions list. All entries are subject to an asset freeze: 
KABAEVA, Alina Maratovna  
KHMARIN, Viktor Nikolaevich 
KLISHIN, Mikhail Alekseevich  
KOLBIN, Vladimir Petrovich 
OCHERETNAYA, Lyudmila Aleksandrovna 
PLEKHOV, Aleksandr Grigorevich 
PUTIN, Igor Alexandrovich 
PUTIN, Mikhail Evgenievich 
PUTIN, Roman Igorevich 
SHAMALOV, Yuri Nikolayevich 
SHELOMOV, Mikhail Lvovich 
ZATSEPILINA, Anna Yakovlena 
8 entries have been amended and remain subject to an asset freeze: 
DIRKS, Natalia Germanova – name in non-Latin script corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 
DOROKHOVA, Nina Viktorovna – address corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 
ILYASHENKO, Andrey Vitalyevich – address corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 
KNYAGININ, Vladimir Nikolayevich – one alias removed, new alias added, “Last Updated” date changed 
SHUVALOV, Evgeny Igorevich – address removed, “Last Updated” date changed 
SHUVALOVA, Maria Igorevna - address removed, “Last Updated” date changed 
VEKSELBERG, Viktor Feliksovich – date of birth corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 
RUSSIAN RAILWAYS – address corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 
2 entries have been corrected and remain subject to an asset freeze: 
BOLOTOVA, Maiya Nikolaevna – a new alias added, “Last Updated” date changed 
PIANOV, Dmitrii Vasilyevich – date of birth corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 

On March 29th, OFSI has issued a general licence INT/2022/1469378, which gives a person a wind down period to deal with any transactions involving Sovcomflot or subsidiaries. On May 13th this licence has been extended until 30th June 2022.  

May 12th

OFSI has  issued a general licence INT/2022/1678476. The licence allows a designated person to process payments and perform other tasks connected with ”winding down activities, basic needs and insolvency proceeding associated with the Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V.” or its subsidiaries. To see a full list of OFSI General Licences, click here

May 11th

HMT has updated the collection of expired general licences issued by OFSI. To view the whole collection, click here

May 9th

The UK’s OFSI and the HMT have amended 88 entries on the Russia consolidated sanctions list. All entries remain subject to an asset freeze. To see the full list of amendments, click here

May 8th

The UK’s Department for International Trade together with HMT have announced a new sanctions package on Russia and Belarus. The new sanctions target £1.7 billion worth of trade as well as new import tariffs on goods, such as palladium and platinum, worth £1.4 billion. A ban on export of materials that Russia is most dependant on UK for, such as machinery, plastics and chemicals, is added too.  
The US’s OFAC has  imposed sanctions on:
several Sberbank executives 
several Gazprombank board members 
Joint Stock Company Moscow Industrial Bank and 10 subsidiaries 
Limited Liability Company Promtekhnologiya, a private defence company that produces rifles 
3 Russia’s state-owned television stations: Joint Stock Company Channel One Russia, Television Station Russia-1 and Joint Stock Company NTV Broadcasting Company 
The US have identified services such as accounting, trust and corporate formation, and management consulting as prohibited to “export, reexport, sale, or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States, or by a U.S. person, wherever located, to any person located in the Russian Federation”. 

May 5th

The UK’S OFSI has issued a General Licence INT/2022/1710676, which allows “for the continuation of business operations of the North American subsidiaries” of Evraz PLC:  
Evraz North America plc 
Evraz Inc. NA 
Evraz Inc. NA – Canada 
OFSI and the HMT have added EVRAZ PLC (Group ID: 15380) entry to the Russia consolidated sanctions list. The entity is now subject to an asset freeze.
The name of an individual in one entry has been amended: Alexander Vladimirovich KOROTKIY (Group ID: 15161).
8 other entries have been corrected:
LEVIN, Dmitriy Olegovich - alias added, “Last Updated” date changed 
NESTERENKO, Tatyana Gennadevna - alias added, “Last Updated” date changed 
NEVEROV, Sergei Ivanovich - alias corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 
AKSYONOV, Sergey Valeryevich - name in non-Latin script removed, “Last Updated” date changed 
JAROSH, Petr Grigorievich - alias corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 
RUSSIAN NATIONAL COMMERCIAL BANK – the address corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 
STATE UNITARY ENTERPRISE OF THE 'REPUBLIC OF CRIMEA' 'CHERNOMORNEFTEGAZ' - the address corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 
The EU representative adopted a mandate on new rules to allow “Eurojust to preserve, analyse and store evidence relating to core international crimes, such as war crimes”.88Eurojust will be allowed to collect, store and safekeep war crimes evidence as well as cooperate with Europol to analyse and process that evidence.  

May 4th

European Union has prepared a sixth package of sanctions against Russia. It includes: 
58 sanctioned individuals, including the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, many military personnel and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov and his family.  
disconnecting the Credit Bank of Moscow, the Russian Agricultural Bank and Sberbank, from SWIFT international payments system.  
A total ban of three Russian state-owned broadcasters within the EU. 
A structured Russian oil and refined products import ban by the end of the year. 
The UK’s HMT and OFSI have added 63 new entries to the Russia consolidated sanctions list: 31 individuals and 32 entities, full list can be found here. They have also amended the following two entries, which are still subject to an asset freeze:  
TV-NOVOSTI (Group ID: 15063) 
OFSI has published a collection of expired General Licences. They can be found here
The UK’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has announced a ban on services exports, such as management consulting, accounting, and public relations to Russia.

April 29th

Council of the European Union marked the 25th anniversary of the Chemical Weapons Convention. The council reiterated the importance of the work of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and strongly condemned any use of chemical weapons.  

April 28th

Joe Biden Jr. called on the US Congress to increase Ukraine’s military and humanitarian aid by $33 billion. The president also suggested seizing the assets of Russian oligarchs and giving the proceeds to Ukraine
Switzerland aligned with the EU sanctions on Russia. The new ban includes import of caviar, seafood, coal, timber, and cement.  

April 27th

The OFSI has  issued a general licence INT/2022/1679676. Under this licence,” an officer of a Non-Crown Relevant Organisation is permitted to carry out their duties including through making use of powers available to them under UK legislation or common law for Asset Recovery Purposes.” To read more about this licence, click here

April 26th

The OFSI and HMT have amended 195 entries on the consolidated Russian Sanctions list and corrected 2: 
Oleg Vladimirovich ONOPKO (Group ID: 15146) - Date of Birth changed to “Suspected date of birth”. 
Alexandra Alexandrovna USACHEVA (Group ID: 15168) - Date of Birth changed to “Suspected date of birth”. 
To see the full list of amended entries, click here
Gazprom, Russia’s energy giant, has halted gas exports to Poland and Bulgaria, due to their refusal to pay for supplies in Rubles. Gazprom announced that the supply will be reinstated once payments are made in Rubles. Poland’s deputy foreign minister, Marcin Przdacz, claimed that Poland will be able to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Bulgaria’s energy minister Alexander Nikolov said that April supplies have been paid for, meaning Gazprom will breach the current contract if the supply of gas is not reinstated.  

April 22nd

OFSI has amended a general licence INT/2022/1280876. The licence originally allowed a responsible person to proceed with any payments “in connection to insolvency proceeding of the UK subsidiary of VTB“. It now includes Sberbank CIB (UK) Ltd.  

April 21st

OFSI together with the HMT have added 26 new entries to the Russia Consolidated Sanctions List: 16 individuals and 10 entities. All entries are now subject to an asset freeze:

BELOZYOROV, Oleg Valentinovich 
BOGDANOVSKY, Nikolay Vaselyevich 
CHUPRIYAN, Aleksandr Petrovich 
KHAN, Anzhelika 
KIVA, Ilya 
KONASHENKOV, Igor Yevgenyevich 
KOROLYOV, Sergei Borisovich 
KOROTCHENKO, Igor Yurievich 
KUPRIN, Anton Valerevich 
OBNOSOV, Boris Viktorovich 
PIMANOV, Aleksei Viktorovich 
ROMANOV, Arkadiy Yurevich 
SERDYUKOV, Andrey Nikolayevich 
VOLOZHINSKY, Andrei Olgertovich 
OFSI and HMT have amended 30 entries in the Russia Consolidated Sanctions List. Detailed changes can be found here
The European Council has added two more individuals to its Russia Sanctions Regime. Both individuals are now subject to an asset freeze and travel ban
Serhiy Vitaliyovich Kurchenko 
Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin 
OFSI and HMT have amended one entry in the Belarus Consolidated Sanctions List. The individual is still subject to an asset freeze
Lidzia Mihailauna YARMOSHINA (Group ID: 13962) - an alias has been removed and a new one added.  
OFSI has issued a general licence INT/2022/1630477 that allows a Person to continue to “make payments to Gazprombank or a subsidiary under a contract entered into prior to the date of this licence for the purpose of making Gas available for use in the European Union”. 

Binance announced restrictions on Russian interests, restricting trading on accounts that hold over $10,800. The restriction applies to Russian nationals, persons residing in Russia, and legal entities based in Russia.

April 19th

HMRC has announced “its intention to revoke the Moscow Stock Exchange's status as a recognised stock exchange”

April 14th

The UK has added two new entries to the Russia Consolidated Sanctions list. Both are subject to an asset freeze:
Eugene TENENBAUM (Group ID: 15281) - director of Chelsea FC 
David DAVIDOVICH (Group ID: 15290) - business partner of Roman Abramovich.  

April 13th

HM Treasury and OFSI have corrected 9 entries under the Belarus Consolidated Sanctions list:
AZARENOK, Grigoriy Yurievich – alias added, “Last Updated” date changed 
EISMONT, Natalia Nikolayevna – alias removed, “Last Updated” date changed 
IPATAU, Vadzim Dzmitryevich – POB updated, “Last Updated” date changed 
HUSTYR, Yulia Chaslavauna – aliaschanged, “Last Updated” date changed 
KALINOUSKY, Siarhei Aliakseevich – alias added, “Last Updated” date changed 
KASYANCHYK, Alina Sergeevna – alias corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 
LUKASHENKO, Viktor Aliaksandravich – alias removed, “Last Updated” date changed 
SAKALOUSKI, Ivan Yurievich – alias corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 
YARMOSHINA, Lidzia Mihailauna – non-Latin name corrected, alias added, position corrected, “Last Updated” date changed 
HM Treasury and OFSI have added 206 new entries to the Russia Consolidated Sanctions list. Full list can be accessed here

Russia has sanctioned 398 members of the US congress after Joe Biden Jr. has called Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a “genocide”.
European Council came to an agreement to recommend EU member states set up schemes that would allow exchanges between Ukrainian hryvnias and other European currencies. The recommendation comes after EU banks’ unwillingness to exchange hryvnia due to exchange rate risks.

April 12th

The general licence INT/2022/1438977, that OFSI has issued in March, has been revoked.  
European Council has adopted a legislative act to allocate additional 3.5 billion euros in total for 2022 to the EU countries hosting refugees in 2022. 

April 11th

OFSI has issued a general licence INT/2022/132707657, which allows continuous operation of the Chelsea Football Club, owned and controlled by Roman Akadyevich Abramovich. All permissions are explained in the OFSI notice. 
HM Treasury has amended the following entries:
Evgeny Alekseevich FEDOROV (Group ID: 14602) - “Last Updated” date changed 
Tigran Organesovich KHUDAVERDYAN (Group ID: 14971) - name changed 
Katerina Vladimirovna TIKHONOVA (Group ID: 15079) - name changed 

April 8th

HM Treasury has followed OFAC and sanctioned Vladimir Putin’s and Sergeń≠ Lavrov’s daughters:
Katerina Vladimirovna TIKHONOVA (Group ID: 15079) 
Yekaterina Sergeyevna VINOKUROVA (Group ID: 15080) 
Maria Vladimirovna VORONTSOVA (Group ID: 15078) 
HM Treasury has amended the Evgeny Alekseevich FEDOROV (Group ID: 14602) entry, changing the individual’s passport number. 
The EU adopted a fifth sanctions package against Russia. Sanctions include
A prohibition to buy, import or transfer coal and other solid fossil fuels, originated or exported from Russia, into the EU. This ban comes into effect in August 2022. 
A prohibition to give Russian vessels access to EU ports. Agricultural, food products, humanitarian aid and energy are exempt. 
A ban on Russian/Belarusian freight road operators, running within the EU. Agricultural, food products, humanitarian aid and energy are exempt. 
Further and new bans on exported products: jet fuel, quantum computers, advanced semiconductors, high-end electronics, software, sensitive machinery, transportation equipment, wood, cement, fertilisers, seafood, liquor.  
"A general EU ban on participation of Russian companies in public procurement in member states”. 
Extended ban on deposits to crypto-wallets, banknote and transferrable securities’ sale to Russia or Belarus. 
EU Council sanctioned companies, oligarchs, businesspeople, Kremlin officials, family members, whose products, influence or technology aided the invasion. 217 individuals and 18 entities have been sanctioned under the fifth sanction package. Full list can be accessed here
A full transaction ban on four key Russian banks followed. 


April 6th

UK Treasury and OFSI have added 10 new entries to the Russian Sanctions consolidated list. All entries are now subject to an asset freeze:
IVANOV, Sergei Sergeivich, a Russian senior official and politician, has served as the Special Representative of the President 
ROTENBERG, Boris Borisovich, professional Russian footballer 
AKIMOV, Andrey Igorevich, Chairman of the Management Board of Gazprombank 
DYUKOV, Alexander Valeryevich, Chairman of the Management Board of Gazprom Neft (subsidiary of Gazprom) 
KOGOGIN, Sergey Anatolyevich, Chief Executive Officer of KAMAZ, the largest truck producer in Russia 
GURYEV, Andrey Grigoryevich, Russian billionaire, former head of PhosAgro, phosphate-based fertilizer producers 
MIKHELSON, Leonid Viktorovich, Russian-Israeli billionaire, chairman and major shareholder of Novatek, a Russian gas company 
KANTOR, Viatcheslav, Russian businessman, head of the Acron Group, mineral fertilizer producer and distributor 
The following entries have been amended and are still subject to an asset freeze: 
GAZPROMBANK (Group ID: 15015)
VEB.RF (Group ID: 14198) 
GAZPROMBANK (Group ID: 13081) 
VTB BANK (Group ID: 13080) 

OFSI has issued a general licence INT/2022/1544176. The licence allows for a 30-day wind down period of positions involving the Credit Bank of Moscow. 
OFSI has issued a general licence INT/2022/1277877. The licence allows for a wind down period until the 24 June in respect of clearing and correspondent banking prohibitions. The designated person of the licence is PJSC Sberbank. 

US President Joe Biden Jr. announced a prohibition on all new investments in and services to the Russian Federation by U.S persons, found in and outside the U.S.
The US OFAC has also added many individuals, entities and vessels to the Russian sanctions consolidated list, including: 
MEDVEDEV, Dmitry Anatolievich, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia 
SERYSHEV, Anatoliy Anatolievich, the Plenipotentiary Representative to the Siberian Federal District 
VINOKUROVA, Yekaterina Sergeyevna, the daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation 
CHAYKA, Yuriy Yakovlevich, Presidential Envoy to the North Caucasian Federal District 

In a speech on the 6th of April, the European Council president has pledged to implement even more Sanctions on Russia within EU level, including a ban on coal imports, extra measures on oil and gas, ban on Russian vessels and Russian/Belarusian road transport operators, a full transaction ban on additional banks.

The United States’ OFAC has sanctioned Vladimir Putin’s daughters Maria Putina and Katerina Tikhonova.

April 5th

OFSI has amended the WAGNER GROUP (Group ID: 15033) entry. The “Last Updated” date has been changed to 05.01.2022. 
Finland has seized 21 luxury yachts to investigate whether they belong to Russian Oligarchs or not. Italy is currently dealing with the same issue trying to name the real owner of the $700 million superyacht Scheherazade, which is rumoured to belong to Vladimir Putin himself. 
Poland committed to banning all Russian coal by May and oil imports by the end of the year.

April 4th 

OFSI has amended the Andrey Anatolyevich TURCHAK (Group ID: 14708) entry. The individual remains subejct to an asset freeze.
OFSI has issued a general licence INT/2022/1495176 under the Russian Sanctions regulations. Under this licence, “A Person may provide financial services for the purposes of the receipt and onward transfer of non-rouble denominated interest/coupon or maturity/principal payments from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the National Wealth Fund of the Russian Federation, or the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation (or those persons set out in regulation 18A (2) (d) - (e) of the Russia Regulations) in connection with debt issued by them before 1 March 2022. A Person or Relevant Institution can carry out any activity reasonably necessary to effect this”. 

April 2nd

Lithuania ceases Russian natural gas imports. To secure its domestic needs, all natural gas will be imported via the liquified natural gas (LNG) import terminal in Klaipeda.

March 31st

HM Treasury has added 14 new entries to the Russia consolidated sanctions list: 

ANISIMOV, Anton Sergeevich, Head of Sputnik International Broadcasting 

ARESHEV, Andrey Grigoryevich, Director at the Strategic Culture Foundation. 

BESPALOV, Anton Sergeyevich, Social Media Editor at the Strategic Culture Foundation 

BRILEV, Sergey Borisovich, TV anchor on Russia state-owned media Rossiya 

BUBNOVA, Irina Sergeyevna, Social Media Editor at the Strategic Culture Foundation 

MAKSIMENKO, Vladimir Ilich, Director at the Strategic Culture Foundation 

MIZINTSEV, Mikhail Yevgenyevich, Russian Colonel-General 

NIKOLOV, Alexey Lvovich, Managing Director of RT 

SAENKO, Sergei Ivanovich, Social Media Operations, Strategic Culture Foundation 

SKOROKHODOVA, Natalya Petrovna, Human Resources, Finance, Strategic Culture Foundation 

ZAMLELOVA, Svetlana Georgiyevna, Chief Editor, Journal Kamerton.

ZHAROV, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Chief Executive Officer of Gazprom-Media and former Head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) 

ROSSIYA SEGODNYA a media group owned and operated by the Russian government. 

TV-NOVOSTI, the institution that controls RT and is funded by the Kremlin. 


March 30th

OFSI has amended Sergey Pavlovich IVANOV (Group ID: 14964) entry on the Russian consolidated sanctions list, changing the date of when it was last updated.
OFSI has deleted a duplicate Aleksander Aleksandrovich MIKHEEV (Group ID: 14985) entry in the Russian consolidated sanctions list.
OFSI has amended OJSC KB RADAR-MANAGING COMPANY HOLDING RADAR SYSTEM (Group ID: 14984) on the Belarus consolidated sanctions list, changing the date the entry was last updated.

March 24th 

The UK’s Fraud Prevention Community CIFAS has warned the public to stay vigilant when donating: fraudsters have been reportedly using emails and various forum posts to ask public to donate cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to fake online crypto addresses, which they claim belong to the Ukrainian government. The funds not only do not reach the intended recipient but could also be used for further crime.  

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has added the following entries to the Belarus Sanctions regime. They are subject to an asset freeze: 







59 new entries have been added to the Russia Sanctions regime by the FCDO: including 33 individuals and 26 entities, such as: 





Russian entity CENTRAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY AND MECHANICS has been added to the designated list under Cyber Sanctions regime by the OFSI and HM Treasury. It is subjected to an asset freeze.  

OFSI has issued 2 general licences: INT/2022/1424276 and INT/2022/1424277. INT/2022/1424277 allows a person to wind down any transactions including the closing out of positions with Bank Dabrabyt Joint Stock Company or its subsidiaries. INT/2022/1424276 allows a person to wind down any transactions to which it is party including the closing out of positions. This licence does not include:

Alfa Bank JSC 
SMP Bank  
Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development 
Any subsidiaries of the above 

The UK has banned Russia’s national airline Aeroflot.
The UK is planning to restrict trade with Russia even more – targeting electronics, telecommunications, aerospace. 
The UK sanctioned major companies: 

Russia’s biggest defence company Rostec 

Tactical Missile Corporation, Russia’s air and sea missile supplier 

Tank manufacturer Uralvagonzavod 

United Aircraft Corporation 

United Shipbuilding Corporation 

Kronshtadt Orion, the main producer of Russian drones, 

The Wagner Group 

The world’s largest diamond producer Alrosa 
The UK will soon implement sanctions on 571 members of the Duma and Federation Council. 

The UK introduced a full asset freeze on VTB and froze assets of all Russian banks. These individuals have received asset freeze and travel restrictions to the UK: 

Kirill Shamalov 

Petr Fradkov 

Denis Bortnikov 

Yury Slyusar 

Elena Aleksandrovna Georgieva 

Eugene Shvidler, billionaire oil tycoon 

Oleg Tinkov, Tinkoff bank founder 

Herman Gref, Sberbank CEO 

Polina Kovaleva, Lavrov’s stepdaughter 

Galina Danilchenko, “mayor” of Melitopol, Ukraine, installed by Russia 

Oleg E Aksyutin, Deputy Chairman at Gazprom PJSC 

Didier Casimiro, the 1st VP of Rosneft, Russian oil company 

Zeljko Runje, Deputy Chairman of Rosneft 


March 22nd 

OFSI issued a general licence INT/2022/1381276. Under this licence, the entity “may provide financial services for the purposes of winding down any derivatives, repurchase, and reverse repurchase transactions entered into prior to 1 March 2022 with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the National Wealth Fund of the Russian Federation or the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.” 

March 21st 

Russia threatens to cut ties with the US following Joe Biden Jr calling Vladimir Putin a war criminal.
Russia bans Facebook and Instagram in the country, claiming Meta is “extremist”, while Meta’s WhatsApp remains as a means of communication.
Russia is allegedly in talks about imposing a 10-year ban on foreign companies that exited Russian markets unless they return until May 1st
EU ministers agree on additional 500 million euros under the European Peace Facility
EU foreign affairs and defence ministers approve the Strategic Compass, as part of an action plan to strengthen the EU’s security and defence policy by 2030

March 18th 

21 Russian entries have been amended by OFSI but are still under asset freeze. 2 individuals were removed:
VOROBYOV, Yury Leonidovich 
BOLOTOVA, Maya Nikolaevna 
The UK has issued 8 general licenses.
There are currently 945 individuals and 72 entities sanctioned under the UK Sanctions regime. 800 individuals and entities since the invasion of Ukraine. 

The UK’s HMT and OFSI have amended 41 Belarusian entries (39 individuals, 2 entities) which are still subject to asset freeze.  
On 9th of March a general licence INT/2022/1322576 has been issued by OFSI. Under the license, “a flight data provider may make payment(s) directly or via a relevant institution to Belaeronavigatsia for aeronautical information publication data”.

March 17th

The Finance, Justice, Home Affairs, and Trade Ministers and European Commissioners have signed a joint commitment to prioritize and work together to uncover, restrain, freeze, confiscate or forfeit the assets of the sanctioned individuals and entities. The consignees were representatives from the USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the EU Commission.
The European Commission set up a “Freeze and Seize taskforce to ensure sanction implementation coordination at EU-level. This taskforce will work together with the newly introduced G7 “Russian Elites, Proxies, and Oligarchs” (REPO) taskforce.  

March 16th

The Ukrainian and Russian governments have been reportedly making considerable progress in peace talks. The draft deal included Ukraine becoming neutral: renouncing the wishes to join NATO and promising not to host any international military and weaponry bases as well as recognising the annexation of Crime and the Donetsk and Lugansk separatist governments. If they were to seal the deal, Russia would remove the troops that entered Ukraine on the 24th of February.  
On that same day Joe Biden Jr. announced a $800mn security aid package to Ukraine, including anti-aircraft weapons and drones. 

March 15th

The EU sanctioned Roman Abramovich and Marina Ovsyannikova. 
The EU also banned investments in Russia’s energy sector, exports of precious stones, clothes and carpets worth more than 300 EUR. 
The UK announced new sanctions against 370 Russian, Belarusian individuals and entities, including 51 oligarchs and their families, whose total estimated net worth surpasses £140bn. Some of the oligarchs sanctioned: 

Petr Olegovich Aven, former head of the Alfa Bank

Mikhail Maratovic Fridman, co-founder of the Alfa Group. 

Konstantin Lvovich Ernst, CEO of Channel One Russia. 

Sergei Pavlovich Roldugin, famous for Panama Papers and a close friend of Putin. 

Nikolay Terentievich Shamalov, sanctioned on the 14th of March, owns a large part of the Bank of Russia. 

Vladimir Putin was sanctioned on the 25th of February 2022, first by the European External Action Service and OFSI. Australian, Swiss, Japanese, Canadian and American institutions followed shortly after. 

Canada sanctioned 15 more Russian military defence officials. 

March 11th 

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has condemned Russia’s actions against Ukraine and states that EBA is working on restrictive measures with “relevant authorities to ensure proper implementation by all financial institutions of these restrictive measures”.
EU heads of state held an informal meeting on 10-11 March, where the council decided to impose a 4th Sanctions package on Russia. The Heads have signed the Versailles declaration.
The decision was to: 

Prohibit all transactions with certain state-owned entities 

Prohibit the provision of any credit rating services 

Expand the sanctioned persons list on whom tighter export restrictions are imposed on dual-use goods 

Prohibit new investments in the Russian energy sector 

Further trade restrictions concerning iron, steel and luxury goods 

Russian government has sanctioned some key US democratic officials, including Antony Blinken, Jen Psaki, Hillary Clinton, Lloyd Austin. They also tried to sanction the President but missed the Jr for Joe Biden Jr and instead sanctioned his now deceased father, Joe Biden.

March 10th

HM Treasury has added 7 entries to the Russian consolidated list: 

Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich (Group ID: 14212) 

Igor Ivanovich Sechin (Group ID: 14213) 

Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska (Group ID: 14214) 

Dmitri Alekseevich Lebedev (Group ID: 14215) 

Alexei Borisovich Miller (Group ID: 14216) 

Andrei Leonidovich Kostin (Group ID: 14217) 

Nikolai Petrovich Tokarev (Group ID: 14218) 

March 9th 

The European Commission has sanctioned 160 individuals.  
HM Treasury added 386 individuals to the Russia Sanctions regime.  
3 of Belarusian banks were cut off from Swift, a prohibition on transaction with the Central Bank of Belarus issued, bringing the Russian and Belarusian sanctions into greater alignment. 
Liz Truss, Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs of the United Kingdom, has outlined new powers to detain Russian aircraft, as well as ban on aviation export and space-related goods and technology. 
The EU Council decided to extend the travel restrictions, asset freezing to the 862 sanctioned individuals and 53 entities until 15th September 2022. 

March 8th

President Biden announced a US ban on imported Russian oil.  

March 3rd

The FCDO has added new entries to the consolidated list. All subject to asset freeze: 

Igor Ivanovich Shuvalov (Group ID: 14209) 

Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov (Group ID: 14210) 

March 1st

OFSI has issued 3 general licences INT/2022/1277777, INT/20221277778, and INT/2022/1277877. Under these licences entities are given different wind down periods. 2 other general licences INT/2022/1280876 and INT/2022/1280976 both issued to allow VTB Capital and its UK subsidiaries to make payments, perform prudential supervision and maintenance.  
The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has added new entries to the UK Sanctions consolidated list: 
Andrei Burdyko (Group ID: 14203) 
Victor Vladimirovich Gulevich (Group ID: 14204) 
Sergei Simonenko (Group ID: 14205) 
Andrey Zhuk (Group ID: 14206) 
JSC 558 Aircraft Repair Plant (Group ID: 14201) 
JSC Integral (Group ID: 1420 
Kirill Alexandrovich Dmitriev (Group ID: 14208) 
Russian Direct Investment Fund (Group ID: 14207) 

OFSI has also issued a prohibition to any UK individual or entity from supplying financial services to: 
the Central Bank of the Russian Federation 
the National Wealth Fund of the Russian Federation 
the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation 
a person owned or controlled directly or indirectly by any of the persons above; or 
a person acting on behalf of or at the direction of any of the persons above 

February 28th 

The UK has added 5 entries to the consolidated list. All are subject to an asset freeze:  

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (Group ID: 14196)  

Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov (Group ID: 14197) 

VEB.RF (Group ID: 14198)  


PJSC SOVOCOMBANK (Group ID: 141200) 

February 27th 

EU President Ursula von der Leyen announced three new sanction packages, which include all Russian aircraft ban in the EU airspace and sanction targets on media outlets Russia Today and Sputnik. 

February 25th

OFSI has issued a General Licence INT/2022/1272278. The licence allows a person or relevant institution to wind down any transactions with VTB Bank or the UK subsidiary.

February 24th

Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation and HM Treasury has amended the “last updated” dates of three entries: 



VTB BANK (Group ID: 13080) 

President Biden announces OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) Sanctions on Public Joint Stock Company Sberbank of Russia (Sberbank) and VTB Bank Public Joint Stock Company (VTB Bank) which are no longer able to process payments through the US financial system. All US financial institutions were ordered to close any Sberbank correspondent accounts and to reject future transactions.